PGA Golf Instruction, Specialized Golf Services

PGA Golf Instruction   PGA Golf Instruction Package
60 minutes for $95   Ten 30 minute Golf Tune-ups for $450


Additional Golf Services

Driver Fitting with Vector Launch Monitor (includes swing recommendations if needed)   $125
Putting Stroke Analysis with Putter Fitting (includes shaft length and grip change if needed)   $125
Iron Fitting (using brand-name fitting cart systems)   $95
Equipment Evaluation and Individual Golf Club Yardage Benchmarks   $95
Set Optimization and Individual Golf Club Yardage Benchmarks   $95
Golf Specific Exercise and Physical Screening   $150

Please inquire about our four week Player Improvement Packages, Golf Schools and Leagues. We also offer a variety of daily, weekly and monthly clinic formats for men, women and junior boys and girls. Many companies, high school golf teams and other groups design specific formats to meet their interests. Contact our PGA Golf Professionals to see how Discover Fitness Redefined can improve your organization's game.

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